Hey I’m Beatrice

I am a Creative Consultant and a Life Coach. With my support, you can find your true purpose in life, living in fulfillment and manifesting your desires.
With the Akashic Records, I found a delicate yet very powerful way to align my goals to my purpose and to clear all the blocks that prevented me to live a full and abundant life.
If you feel that you have lost the contact with your inner guidance or with your intuition, and you need support in realigning it, or you feel you want to clear blocks that seem stuck from ages, contact me for a free 15 minutes discovery session to see how I can support you, or we can work together, take a look at my services.

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Improve your well-being

As an Essential Oil Coach, I can support you and suggest to you the best essential oils for living a more healthy and energized life.

Essential oils can support you in a natural way since they are 100% natural, they can be an aid during the natural trasitions of the ages of the woman, they can support the respiratory system, circulation, occasional muscle soreness, and many many other situations.

Book a 15 minutes discovery session with me to see how we can work together to make you live your life at 100% with the support of essential oils.


Patrizia Parisi – I Sentieri del Vento

Bea è una persona speciale. Non l'ho mai sperimentata come terapeuta, e spero di poterlo fare, ma a livello umano posso assicurarti che ha un'energia sprizzante (...ehm si può dire?) affiancata a una esperienza e a approfondimenti eccellenti. A questo si unisce una rara sensibilità e capacità di scovare soluzioni dove io vedrei solo problemi.


Bea is a special person. I haven’t experienced her as a therapist but I hope to do it as soon as possible, but at a human level, I can assure that she has a sparkling energy, supported by an experience and excellent insights. More than that she has a rare sensitivity and the ability to find solutions where I would see only problems.

Marina Hägglund – Vivalma

I was recommended to Beatrice Lugano by a doctor. The treatment I received from Beatrice has been exceptionally good. The positive effects during and after the treatment are without doubt. Already a couple of hours after the treatment the situation I sought help for change for the better. Later on, it has only become better and better. I highly recommend Beatrice to anyone who needs a wise, knowledgeable and caring therapist.

Ma Dhyan Chameli – Stellar Paths

Mi sento fortemente di consigliare le sedute con Beatrice. Io con 2 sole sedute fatte da lei ho avuto delle intuizioni folgoranti. Beatrice è l'esempio di come si possa lavorare con strumenti vibrazionali potenti senza perdere il contatto con il mondo materiale. Non a caso lei si giostra con notevole talento su vari livelli, dalla canalizzazione alla creazione del brand, presente nel seguire i clienti anche sui piani burocratici e su quelli più banali.


I deeply suggest sessions with Beatrice. With only 2 sessions I had incredible intuitions. Beatrice is an example of how you can work with powerful vibrational tools without losing connection with the material world. Not by chance, she works on different levels, from channeling to brand creation, fully present and following her clients on different levels.

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