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I was drawn to create this space to connect with all the professionals, artists, creatives, therapists who feel the need to find a better balance in their life and to channel their gifts and creativity consistently without the overwhelm.

For years I have struggled with the feast and famine cycle and struggled to keep up with a consistent flow in the creative process. 

But a different approach is possible. The one that comprehends the right and left hemisphere, the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang and that allows a consistent flow of the creative process and of the business as well. 

 Enter the holistic approach to life and business



welcome to the new paradigm


The holistic approach to life and business


Both, my studies and my business experience has brought me to consider the holistic approach as the best approach to have effective and consistent results with my clients. 

Artists, therapists and entrepreneurs even more need to consider all aspects of their life to achieve a thriving business.

How can we assume to excel in our business, especially if we are in service helping others, if we are not striving to a balanced and fulfilled life?

I will use all of my skills to allow you to reach a whole, joyful, fulfilled life and career. 




Professional Bio

After studying Graphic Design and Advertising at NaBa Milan, in 1998 Beatrice joins the family business first as assistant then as junior photographer in her parents’ photography studio. 
There, she was responsible not only for the practical photographical shooting, but also for the production and creative direction of commercial catalogues mainly for sports apparel and underwear. The studio was among the most innovative in Italy and one of the first embracing digital technology at the end of the ’90, Beatrice becomes testimonial of  worldly renown camera brands (Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad) and is testimonial for Apple for their software for professional photographers Aperture. She teaches various classes in digital photography and photo retouching and demonstrates the functioning of digital cameras at Università Statale di Milano, Chamber of  Commerce Milano, in various events organised by Category Associations  (CNA), participates at Toscana Foto Festival and to Orvieto Fotografia with a workshop about digital photography used in fashion. 

After the abrupt passing of her dad in 2006, Beatrice closed the studio in 2008 and became general coordinator of a well renowned model agency. 

The calling for a different environment started to become more and more strong, she decided to quit the Fashion Industry and started to work as a Graphic Designer for the Esoteric Publisher and Bookstore “Gruppo Anima”. She had the incredible opportunity to meet closely international thought-leaders, therapists, energy workers and philosophers, learning the best and aligned marketing strategies to promote the transformative niche. 

In 2009 – 2011 she attended the Counseling School Academy of Lights, Awareness and Arts with a specialisation in Aura-Soma® (Color Therapy) and Metaphysics. She learned about shamanic practices of the Native American Lakota tradition and about Family Constellations. 

In 2014 after graduating with a Master in Life and Business Coaching at Accademia della Felicità she opened her own Branding Business to support coaches, therapists and healers having a cohesive image and communication.

In 2017, she becomes Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Practitioner and then Trainer, she integrates these incredible technique into her daily work with her clients, and opens her consulting practice to international audience.

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