Akashic Records

access the wiser version of you

What are Akashic Records

In the majority of the esoteric traditions and religions some reference to the Akashic Records is present. Even its name refers to an Indian term, Akasha, that means the all pervading etheric field that stores all the events from the beginning of the creation to the end. 

Many modern scientists and men of knowledge, among them Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Rudolf Steiner, mathematician Paul Erdós; have spoken about the Records in a more or less disclosed way. If we think about it, even in ancient Greece all the artists and wise asked for inspiration the Muses, goddesses of the arts and science. What if this connection is possible, effective, real and consciously manageable?     

 The connection with the Akashic Records can be simplified as follows:

we are part of the Universe in constant expansion, and we are connected to the Universe through our Higher Self. What we experience as our self as individuals is our lower-self . When we feel disconnected to the Source or Universe is because traumatic experiences or low vibrational emotions have prevented a clear communication. 

If we are able to clear the channel, heal trauma and align to high vibrational emotions, we are able to reconnect easily.

Connecting to our Higher-self shifts our consciousness from alpha state to theta state giving us access to all the experiences that our soul and all other souls have experienced.

The Benefits of an Akashic Records Session with the Soul Journeys® Method


The Soul Journeys Method is a very practical way to access the Records and provide cutting-edge advice about any aspect of life and business.

The session is structured as a normal coaching session, but the Practitioner connects with the client’s Higher- Self.

Here are a brief list of the primary benefit that a person can experience during an Akashic Records Session, but there are many more. 



An increased clarity in every aspect of your life is very common during an Akashic Records session. Your questions will be answered with actionable and practical answers that you will be able to put in place immediately. 

Clearing of Blocks

During a session is very common that new or old blocks pop up. They can be cleared in a very gentle yet powerful way. Since the Akashic Records expand in all dimensions, times, spaces and planes, if we clear a block, the clearing will simultaneously expand to all planes and dimensions.

Increased energy

A better connection to Source provides increased energy and a sense of connection, belonging and love. It is not uncommon to have an increase of manifesting goals since there is a better alignment from Conscious and Sub-Conscious and, as you will be aware of, the more these two are aligned, the better our goals can manifest.

Akashic Ascension Codes

Akashic Ascension Codes is an activation that works with 12 energy centres of the body. It increases the capacity of the DNA to hold the energy expressed in BioEnergyUnits (BEU). It can release blocks and it works not only on our overall vibration but also on the vibration of everything that has consciousness, so we can decide to work only on the consciousness of our business or on our relationships, etc. This work is very powerful and deep and is suggested for those who have done previous energy work before. Book a call to see if it is a session suited for your situation.