get in the flow & create with purpose

Creativity Arise   

A holistic programme to create in a new and sustainable way

As an artist your connection with Creativity is deep, it has to be, since tapping into your Creativity is what allows your business to be alive and thriving.

For sure, especially if you are established and produce consistently, you have developed during the years a structure of a certain creative process, but nevertheless it can let you drained and burned out.

This programme is for you, if you want to reach a whole new depth into yourself and your creative process, exploring every side of it, while building a sustainable and profitable creative business.

We will explore every aspect of Creativity and how it interacts with your overall system, we will see the energetics of it and the mindset work that lies underneath.

Connection with Purpose and reprogramming of beliefs is an important part of this program as well, since it will set the foundation for a thriving and profitable business.


Are you ready to step into

a sustainable and flowing creative process

and a thriving business?


What are the benefits of Creativity Arise

5 rich modules (and a juicy bonus call) that will set a solid foundation to connect with the highest Source of your Creativity in a repeatable way, without burning out and setting up a sustainable process to create a thriving business.

Among the many benefits that a similar exploration can bring, I have listed here the most common:

Accessing a consistent creative flow

Tapping into the higher consciousness of our Creative Process allows us to know ourselves and our creativity better and can help us get solid foundation into a repeatable process that we can experience and replicate at any time. 

Creating from the Source

Connecting to Source to create allows us to keep our well always full, preventing us from burnout and keeping a constant production. Understanding that the creative process in its natural state is a cycle and, like breathing, has active and passive states, allows us to improve our productive workflow feeling better physically, emotionally and improving our work-life balance.

Deeper Knowing and Understanding

Knowing better our Creative Process means to know better ourselves, to reframe the beliefs and blocks that shaped us preventing to thrive and to expand to new levels of greatness. Exploring our creativity from all the angles is a great self development exercise that will make us grow not only as artists but also as human beings.


for an intimate group of 20 people


Module 1 · Foundation

  • The concept of flow
  • The Neuroscience behind it
  • Alchemy · How it is connected to flow and the process of transmutation
  • The energy centers inside our body as access tools
  • Colors and Audio frequencies

    Module 2 · Access your Flow state

    • Heart center activation
    • The survival fight/flight modality
    • Emotions and the role they play
    • I am and willpower
    • Shifting beliefs
    • Pineal gland energy center activation
    • connection to the Higher-Self

    Module 3 · Get consistent with the flow 

    • Getting it all together
    • Alignment and Frequency
    • Accessing the flow state on demand
    • Craft your personal flow pathway
    • Using flow state in your daily life
    • The power of the habit

    Module 4 · Advanced creative workflow

    • Integrating the flow state in the creative process 
    • Integrating the flow state in your business
    • Planning and time management for consistent production without burning out
    • Pricing and valuing your art
    • How to deal with multi-passionate creativity
    • How to get unstuck

    Module 5 · What is next

    • scale and delegate
    • Q&A

    Bonus Week 6

    • Manifesting your Goals


    for an intimate group of 20 people


    • Creativity is the number one soft skill required in business

    • Accessing flow state has been proven to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY BY 500%

    • Unfortunately, most of the time this state is not accessible on demand

    • At the end of this course, you will be able to access the flow state on demand, and more of that, you will create a habit on how to access it.

    Beatrice provided exactly the guidance and motivation I needed, at exactly the time I needed it. Her services helped me align my passion, capabilities & skills, with the direction I had been hoping to gain, for my business.

    Quickly and clearly she untangled the what I was looking to achieve and with her many years of experience, helped in simplifying step by step, how I can achieve my goal.

    Thank you again, Beatrice.

    “How much does CREATIVITY ARISE cost?”

    How much would you spend on a system that you can keep for life that allows you to improve the quality of your business and ultimately of your life?

    Creativity Arise id exactly this, after our 6 weeks together you will have a system that you will be able to reproduce on demand.

    Think about all the time you will get back in speeding up your production.

    A consistent creative flow means also more confidence and consistency so you will be able to afford higher rates for your productions.

    Of course, you can skim the internet for information regarding creative flow, but no one will give you a process like this.

    Plus, since this is a beta program, I am offering it at a fraction of the price that will be offered in the future.

    You can Master your Creative Flow in 3 installments of € 166 or pay in full € 470 and save.

    Plus I have a 30 day – no questions asked – guarantee.


    This is a transformational program and we will do our best to reach your consistent flow state.

    We will use meditation and energetic practices to do so and since it is a co-creation, we can’t assure you you will reach it.

    In any case, since we deeply believe in the quality of the program offered and we are sure you will love it and use it not only for your business but for your everyday life as well, we offer you a 30-day-money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the content, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email my team at requesting a full, immediate refund!

    No question asked.



    A series of exercises for your daily life to improve your focus and awareness.

    Become more present and reach higher performances.


    Learn the vibrational meaning of colors and how they can influence your business and life.

    12 modules, one for each color to deepen our connection and knowledge.


    Get to know better the energy centers in our body in the western and eastern tradition, and how a deeper awareness of them can improve the quality of your life.

    We will study the 7 and 12 energy systems and the 5d star system.


    A practical, fillable workbook, to plan your next business goals and gain clarity.


    for an intimate group of 20 people