get in the flow & create with purpose

Creativity Arise   

A holistic program to create in a new and sustainable way

As an artist  your connection with Creativity is deep, it has to be, since you need to keep up with the creative flow, producing your art and meeting the deadlines.

For sure, especially if you are established and produce consistently, you have come to  a structure where you have built a certain creative process, but nevertheless it can let you drained and burned out.

This program is for you, if you want to reach a whole new depth into yourself and your creative process, exploring every side of it, while building a sustainable and profitable creative business.

We will explore every aspect of Creativity and how it interacts with your overall system, we will see the energetics of it and the mindset work that lies underneath.

Connection with Purpose and reprogramming of beliefs is an important part of this program as well since it will set the foundation for a thriving and profitable business.


Are you ready to step into

a sustainable and flowing creative process

and a thriving business?


What are the benefits of Creativity Arise

4 rich modules that will set a solid foundation to connect with the highest Source of your Creativity in a repeatable way, without burning out and setting up sustainable process to create a thriving business.

Among the many benefits that a similar exploration can bring, I have listed here the most common:

Accessing a consistent creative flow

Tapping into the higher consciousness of our Creative Process allows us to know ourselves and our creativity better and can help us get solid foundation into a repeatable process that we can experience and replicate at any time. 

Creating from the Source

Connecting to Source to create allows us to keep our well always full, preventing us from burnout and keeping a constant production. Understanding that the creative process in its natural state is a cycle and, like breathing, has active and passive states, allows us to improve our productive workflow feeling better physically, emotionally and improving our work-life balance.

Deeper Knowing and Understanding

Knowing better our Creative Process means to know better ourselves, to reframe the beliefs and blocks that shaped us preventing to thrive and to expand to new levels of greatness. Exploring our creativity from all the angles is a great self development exercise that will make us grow not only as artists but also as human beings.

Module 1:

We will start exploring how the creative process was explained in ancient times and how it is perceived as different belief systems today. We will explore as well the creative process at its peak, looking at it from the metaphysical and esoteric point of view: 

  • The Creative Process in History · From Greek Mythology to Renaissance
  • Creativity in our time, who are the Artists?
  • In which fields can I express my Creativity? 
  • A different way to approach Creativity: the esoteric approach of transmuting
  • Creativity in Alchemy and the three stages

Module 2:

How to connect with creativity. Exploration of creativity from different sides, energetic activations of the vision, exploration and clearing of blocks and beliefs and of emotional connection:

  • Alignment with the Soul Purpose
  • Survival mode, Feast and Famine circle: how to exit it
  • Emotions, connection with it and how to deal with them;
  • Exploration of fear and how to go beyond it;
  • Heart alignment
  • Identifying belief systems and reprogramming
  • Activation of the crystalline vision
  • Connection to the Higher Self
  • Putting it all together

Module 3:

In this module we will learn practical techniques on how to keep a consistent creative flow, acknowledging our work,  being aware of the natural creative cycle and supporting it. Following the module details: 

  • Recognising an idea
  • Knowing how to make your creative work, work 
  • Consistent production without burning out
  • How to get unstuck
  • Pricing and valuing your art
  • How to deal with multi-passionate creativity

Module 4:

In this module we will explore the necessary mindset work to be successful, thriving artists.

  • Going beyond the starving artist cliché
  • Going beyond the tormented artist cliché 
  • Art and Therapy, find the differences
  • Sharing dis-ease Vs. sharing Joy