This post is about the energetics of Creativity and how it is connected with Beliefs and Awareness.

To talk about the energetics, I will refer to the energetic system of the Chakras, a Vedic system that explains that we have 7 main energy centers in our bodies similar to vortexes which relate to physical organs as well as physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual states of being and influence all the areas of your life.

While there is little scientific evidence that proves their existence if you study them, you soon will realize how they bridge the gap to the unknown.

For example, if we study the creative process, we will see how it was connected to something untangible and divine and today it is linked to our right-hemisphere brain, an unexplored territory. The strategies to connect with creativity rationally don’t work for everyone and there is a big part of the process that is not replicable and not possible to structure.

I really love that you understand the energetics of creativity since with this understanding you will be able not only to have a direct and repeatable direct link with it but also a better understanding of life in its holistic view.

As a disclaimer, I want to say also that his post will easily rise in you all kinds of resistances and controversial thoughts, based on your beliefs and on your world’s vision. This is perfectly fine, since, in the Chakra system, the 5th Chakra associated with Creativity is also associated with beliefs and programming. How we are wired and what we believe and think is true is stored in the 5th chakra. So, if some resistance comes up, please welcome it and give this post a try instead of starting to judge.

Let’s start by saying that creativity is the source of our artistic expression. It can be used in many, many applications. But I think that the main part of our creative expression is how we design our life. I think that the ultimate creative process that we can have is designing our lives. To do so, we need first to shift our belief that we are not responsible for our lives. So taking responsibility is a big thing. Starting from the fact that the creative energy is responsible for how we shape our lives, we see our life as an artist’s studio. And we can imagine how we can paint different canvases with different paintings. And if we start to approach our life from this point of view, we already start to see how many things begin to shift.

Creativity is a characteristic of the 5th chakra which is located in the throat area, the gland connected to it is the Thyroid. It is not only responsible for our creativity and beliefs, but it also gives us the vision of our reality as we perceive it.

The 5th chakra is also where all our programming is stored. All our experiences from this life or past lives, all the experiences of our ancestors and of our collective are stored in the 5th chakra and create the world as we perceive it. The experiences that we repeatedly live, create a memory and get stored in this system. When we get triggered by a certain situation we launch the program and we behave in a certain way, so as it is expected and so as it is stored in the 5th Chakra.

So as we have genetic imprints into our DNA that are responsible for our physical looks, so we have an energetic imprint in our fifth chakra. The programming and the energetical imprint in our fifth chakra are responsible for our behaviors and for our repeated patterns that we launch if we are triggered by something. For example, if in our childhood we lived a specific repeated experience, for example, our teachers were telling us that we were not intelligent, that shaped us and created a program into our 5th chakra. When we grow up and we are triggered by situations that recall us the experience with the teacher that told us we were dumb, we launch the program that reacts to that (usually acting as dumb, to validate what was told to us). 

Every experience that we have is stored in this super-efficient system, some programs run consciously, some unconsciously; the second ones, for example, are run when we sabotage ourselves. The 5th chakra consists of 5 energy rings around our neck.  Each ring stores the programming of our lower chakras, from 1 to 5. In the external layers of these rings are stored our personal codes, in the internal layers are the collective codes as race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, etc. For example, in the inner layers of the first ring, we will have codes related to development, survival, predatory instinct, etc., in the inner layers of the second chakra, we will have all the codes related to relationships, me and the other, the tribe, the family, the gathering, the society, etc. So basically, we will have all the vision of our reality, how it is structured and shaped. This will be a vision of the world that auto feeds itself, supporting and validating in every moment with the programs that we are launching consciously but more often unconsciously.

This is also why it is so difficult to change a program: because it is so well structured and because it validates itself all the time.

But the big opportunity is that if we know how it works, we can change it. We have the power and the opportunity to change it.

Of course, the first objection that can arise is: If I am responsible, why am I suffering? And, even worse, if any abusive experience has happened to me, why did it happen?

Often our soul decides to live specific experiences in the current incarnation to come closer to the ultimate soul purpose that she decided to live, or also some specific situations can come up as a continuum or karmic balance from previous past lives.

All the mechanical behaviors that we live have roots in past experiences and all the programming is stored in the 5th chakra. It basically creates the reality. The outer world is a reflection of what we live in the inner world and all the programs will be launched when triggered. So, coming back to the example of the person that was told by the teachers that he or she was stupid, growing up, when he or she will be in a similar situation lived in the school, he or she will think to be stupid and will start to behave accordingly.

Do you see how the situations nurture themselves over and over again? And how it is difficult to go outside of our comfort zone because it means changing the programming and go towards the unknown. It happens the same when you don’t see any way out of a situation. The limited view with few options is typical when we are in a program.

As we mentioned before, the 5th chakra is physically located around the neck and is composed of 5 energy rings and a hollow channel in the middle. When the chakra is in good health these energy rings are fluctuating and vibrating free and are moving in response to the external solicitation. When we have a crystalized vision, it means that also our rings are blocked. Having a healthy and vibrating 5th chakra allows us to be in deeper and better contact with our creative flow, so knowing how to deprogram it is fundamental for creatives and artists.

You see creatives and artists who are stuck in a vision because they become repetitive and don’t experiment anymore, this happens very often once they become popular. They are afraid to go outside of their comfort zone and to risk. On the other hand, you see the healthy 5th chakra in artists that are disruptive, since they don’t accept the status quo and go against the conventions.

How can we deprogram our 5th chakra and keep it healthy and vibrating?

The first tool that we can apply is awareness: noticing when we enter a programmed state and what are the triggers that launch it. After we notice that we have a specific pattern we can act to shift it by behaving in an unexpected way. It can (and often is) scary for us, but we have to go into the unknown. In this way, you will experience a deprogram of the 5th chakra and the programming of a new sequence.

A great awareness exercise is to list all the beliefs by answering the questions:

What do I expect from my body?

What do I expect from my relationships?

What do I expect from my intelligence?

What do I expect from my Creativity?

What do I expect from my power?

The second tool that we can use is communication. Communication is multidimensional and allows us to reach different levels of depth. Through communication, we can program our belief system and we can send messages to others on the metaphysical plane. The 5th chakra resonates with sound and communication and this is the metaphysical reason why one type of communication energetically resonates more than another when received. This refers to communication with the external world. The other very important communication is the one with ourselves. Our inner talk reprograms us constantly, all day long. This is one of the reasons because NLP and Affirmations are so popular right now.

Affirmations and the deep sleep programming claims to reprogram your unconscious belief system but it does not work for everyone. Truth is that these mantras are only rewriting information over the existing old belief, pushing the old belief deeper in our subconscious. If you don’t allow yourself to acknowledge the old belief and clear it with awareness and comprehension, it will pop up again sooner or later in another flavor, as I like to say.

The 5th chakra is wired in a way that holds the personal beliefs in the outer layers of the rings and the collective beliefs in the inner layers. Going on and on towards the center you will arrive in the hollow channel where you will experience a state of emptiness, unknown and silence. Many people are scared to enter this space although it is the natural condition that follows the activity of the outer layers. The individual’s creative potential is directly connected to the capacity to allow the shifting into these two polarities, from the known to the unknown. This is connected to the alchemic process of belief shifting because with this process we rewire our programming as well.

Looking at the macro level, we can start to approach our lives in a completely different way, looking at the future with open curiosity and letting Existence surprise us. This can be important also for manifestation. If we focus on a specific outcome for our manifestation, we prevent ourselves from all the infinite possibilities that the Universe can offer us, limiting ourselves once again.

What do you think about this post? Let me know in the comments!