Akashic Records deeply changed my life, improving its quality dramatically and I am so pleased to offer this powerful work to my clients. Incredible are also the benefits that can be experienced in the business. So in this blog post, I decided to speak about how connecting to the Akashic Records can improve your business.

First thing first, let’s briefly sum up what the Akashic records are. The Akashic Records are often pictured since the ancient traditions as a library, in which are recorded all the experiences of all humankind since the beginning of time. These libraries can be accessed by our Higher Consciousness. When we connect to our Higher Consciousness, we can connect also to this global information and this infinite knowledge. If we want to know how to do something, or we have an idea but have no clue on how to bringing it into 3d, accessing the Records can give us the information we seek, since they can be present from other times or other dimensions.

This is possible because we are a fragment of the Oversoul that separates from Infinite Source to have a specific experience. This experience is what we express through our Soul Purpose. When this experience will be over, after all the incarnations that allow this Oversoul fragment to have this specific experience, the Oversoul fragment will then rejoin the OOversoul and then the Source.

This means that we are a fragment of the Divine Source, meaning we are Divine.

When we are born in our current incarnation, we soon forget our connection with the Source, especially if we experience some sort of traumatic events that can make us buy into the illusion that we are separated from the Source. Often feelings of depression or unhappiness or unfulfillment are generated because we buy into this illusion of separation. But the truth is that we are always connected to the Source, and the Akashic Records give us a clear connection so that we can hear the information that the Source sends us and we can live our life in the most purposeful way.

That said, it is very common to say that connecting to the Akashic records is very much felt like a Homecoming because we simply remember where we originally came from. And why we are here and what we are doing here. What is our ultimate Soul Purpose and how does all of this help us with our business?

Once we are aware of the premise that connecting to the Records is a connectin to Source and this connection aligns us with our Soul Purpose, it becomes very clear that if we are connected to the Akashic Records and so with our Higher Self, we can be more clear about what kind of choices are more aligned to our Soul Purpose and we can ultimately craft our business in a way that is aligned with it.

Our business will then be an extension of our Soul Purpose and actually will be born to support and to enhance this vision.

One of the most important practical benefits of having a business-oriented session in the Akashic Records is that you will experience clarity of purpose, plus everything connected to it: clarity of what you will offer for your audience, clarity of what your audience needs and why it is important that you share this kind of message.

You will also get clear on the practical steps to do to enhance your business and to allow your business to thrive. For example, expansion of your team, crafting of offerings aligned with you and with your audience’s needs, how and when is aligned to promote.

But the number one benefit I found in connecting with the Akashic Records for my business is that in doing soul-aligned choices allows you to stay in the frequency of joy and being in this frequency, doing what fulfills you, has a magnetic property for people around you. People will listen to you and will be attracted by your message because they will be wanting to stay in this frequency.

Making the right choices, having increased clarity, getting better connected and aligned to the path that allows your growth and your expansion will make you feel more relaxed because you will enter into a state in which even the unknown will be perceived as safe because directed towards the fulfillment of the Soul Purpose.

I really hope you liked this post, let me know your thoughts in the comments, and if you want to experience a business assessment session in the Records, you can book it here, I will be happy to connect with your Higher Consciousness to better support you and allow the best advice from your “wiser you”.