In this blog post, I want to explore how connecting with your emotions can improve your business.

Emotions are very important in the buying process, studies have proved how consumers make buying decisions emotionally. A specific branch of marketing has been developed in the last years focusing on this aspect.

As entrepreneurs who work specifically in the creative and transformative niche is even more required to us that we connect with the pain points and the desires of our customers.

Unfortunately, the common belief with which we grow and live in western culture is that managing our business has to be all left brain, detached from our emotions.

Even worse, and especially in the older generations, we are taught since childhood that the connection with emotions is a negative trait often associated with weakness.


Acknowledging that we are complex whole beings and that we have to include emotional intelligence into not only our business but our life is the key to reach a new level of wellbeing and thrive.


In an overcrowded market where a customer can find all kinds of products and is constantly bombarded with information, the difference is made by the emotional connection that is created between the seller and the buyer. Emotional and ethical marketing is the key to thrive in business.

To stand out you have to connect deeply with the emotions of your customer and to do that you need to be aware of your own emotions, especially if you work in the transformational niche or in the creative niche.

It is not always easy, either because we are taught as children, when our emotional programming is set, to suppress the emotions; or because we have experienced some sort of traumatic experience that has connected us with the emotion of pain rather than with pleasure. In this last case, we are afraid to feel and we shut off this very precious mechanism of our incredible system.

If we act like this what we don’t consider is that when we shut off emotions we prevent ourselves to feel the wellness, pleasure, and joy.

How can we connect with the emotions of our customers if we are not able to connect with our owns?

In which way can we connect to our emotional center and feel our emotions without being overwhelmed by them, especially if we experienced traumatic situations? How can we detach from the pain but remain able to connect with joy? How can we be able to manage unpleasant emotions so that we can be able to transform them?

And even better: how can we experience detachment so that we are not affected by the suffering but continue to keep the connection with our emotional center turned on so that we can experience the positive emotions?

To do that, the first step, as always, is awareness. To increase awareness a great tool is, beyond some everyday presence exercises, meditation. Meditation calms our mind and helps us to connect with our inner self. When we become aware that the source of our emotions is inside of us and the outside situation is only triggering it, we can start to master our emotions and become more balanced, not only in our everyday life but in our business as well.

If unpleasant situations that trigger negative emotions happen, we can transform them and alchemize them in the space of the heart.

Bringing your awareness to the heart energy center can help you detach from the negative emotions so that they don’t trigger you anymore.


To know how to connect to your heart center, you can read this blog post.

The advantages to run your business connected to your heart center are many but the number one advantage is because with this process we can also connect to others in a more detached, healthy, empathic way without becoming overwhelmed by the external triggers that can come to us. When you apply this process to your business, you can start to create a more empathic brand and you can focus on connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

If you can connect deeply with why your audience has specific pain points, you will solve those pain points in a more effective way and the results will be stunning.

Summing up:

Remember always that the source for your emotional connection is inside of you. When you are aware of your emotions, take full responsibility for them and eventually transform the unpleasant emotions, bringing them in the heart center allowing yourself to feel them deeply and completely, you will just focus on the emotion and not on the trigger that put the emotion into action.

Then you will master your life, your business, and it will be really the becoming of the magician.