The connection with our spiritual heart is what allows us to reach our deepest essence, intuition, and creativity. It is the easiest connection to Source and it is associated with many essential qualities like love, compassion, acceptance, etc.

Connecting to essential qualities and most of all to the essential quality of acceptance, allows us to alchemize our feelings, expanding our consciousness and remove judgment. 

If we are connected to our heart we don’t judge.

Imagine how the relationship with your clients can improve if it is non-judgemental, imagine the absence of judgment when we are creating art or when we are designing, or when we are in a relationship. How would it be on a daily basis?

Basically connecting to our heart we exclude the ego.

Today we are going to speak about three different ways to connect with your spiritual heartand I invite you to experiment with all three so that you can feel which one is more suitable for you. 

Although these are very simple exercises, they can be really powerful techniques that can transform your life. These exercises can be practiced daily, can be included in your daily routine and can be practiced for weeks, each time with a deeper result.

Try to practice each exercise for at least a couple of minutes and then increase. 

Exercise 1: To feel with your heart. 

You sit comfortably and breath a couple of times deep so that you can enter a more relaxed state. To prepare for this moment, you can eventually light a candle. You close your eyes and you breathe deeply and in a relaxed way. 

After a couple of breaths, you bring your attention to the chest area. Feel this part. Expand during expiration and observe how the chest area relaxes. While you explore, bring your awareness to the sensation inside your chest. While it expands and relaxes. Focusing on this moment, you can recognize the energy that flows. Put one or both hands on your spiritual heart in the middle of your chest. Breathe relaxed and easy without doing anything. Only bringing attention to this area, experimenting. Just feel every sensation that comes up. You can feel happy, or sad, or you can feel anything at all. Just stay into what it is without trying to change anything. Feeling and allowing.

Awareness is the gateway that brings you into your heart center. 

Whatever the sensation it is, good or bad, strong or weak or just the feeling of the weight of your hand on your chest, stay with it.

This is the gateway to your inner self and to live in the present moment. Look on the inside, look at what you have to look. Bring your attention to the feelings of the moment, even if they are uncomfortable, try to relax and to lean into it.

If you focus on it, you will notice that the sensation will change on its own. If you stay aware, you will note subtle changes: your hand that changes temperature from fresh to warm, energy that goes out into stillness. 

You don’t need to have meditated for a long time to be able to focus on your inner reality. Focusing on your inner reality is the key and whatever happens is good. 

If during your day something bad happened that disappointed you, you can come back to this awareness. You can go back, breathing, stopping and just staying in what it is for a moment, allowing your feelings and your sensations simply to be.

This exercise can bring great relief, because usually, when small incidents happen, you enter in conflict with the other person and with yourself as well. 

Be aware of what happens around you and inside you and observe every emotional conflict but don’t engage in anything

Just look, allow every emotion. 

If you feel that you are going to cry, just cry. If you are enraged, be enraged. The connection with the heart is the importance of acceptance. This will change your reaction and will change everything around you, allowing more relaxation, more patience, more space to listen. 


Exercise 2:  The second exercise is to listen through the heart.

Listen to a music that you like. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Give yourself a couple of moments to be comfortable and when you’re ready, you start. 

Imagine that you don’t have your head anymore. If you feel it hard to imagine, you can put a mirror in a way that you can see the reflection of your body but not of your head. Now, look at this image for a couple of moments and get into the sensation of not having your head.

When you are into the sensation of being without the head just stay like this for a couple of moments and then start to focus your attention to the music. 

Listen with your heart to the music, allow the music to enter without effort in your heart. You can also visualize the waves that enter in the middle of your chest. Let your heart wake up and become sensitive. 

Imagine that your heart is soaked in music, like a sponge with water. Move more and more into deep receptivity at the center of your heart. Spend a couple of minutes listening to the music in this way and when the music stops you can continue to listen with your heart to every sound that comes from the surrounding: you can hear sounds coming from halls, the laughter of children on the street, the noise from the traffic; or you could hear your own breath. Listen to every sound that comes to you with your heart. 

On a second level, you can shift it to your daily practice and expand it to everyone that is talking to you and to everything that you listen to. Try to listen to it, not with your head, but with your heart, so that you can be more receptive when you react. 

You can also do an exercise with your beloved choosing to listen to one another from the heart shifting the roles. 

Exercise 3. The third exercise is the global look. 

The global look allows you to have another practical method to develop awareness and inner spiritual heart space. For this exercise, you can sit down comfortably closing your eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths. Feel grounded and present in the moment. Then open your eyes slightly, putting a hand in front of your eyes and start looking at it on every part. Look at the fingers. If you have rings on the fingers, look at the rings. Just take a couple of minutes looking at your hand and while you’re doing observe each thought or sensation that emerges. Then close your eyes again. Breathe deeply and slowly. When you’re ready, open your eyes and look at the same hand, but this time look at it as a whole. 

 Allow your eyes to become soft and receptive in a way that you can see all the fingers and the palm of your hand simultaneously without focusing on any detail. Spend some time looking at your hand in this way, in this soft, relaxed, aware, focused way. Observe and feel the difference when you look at your hand as a whole. Observe, if you feel your eyes different, if your breath has changed, if your body has different sensations after this exercise, then open your eyes and come back to the first way in which you looked at your hand section per section. Observe if you can uncover the difference between the two ways of looking. After several minutes, come back and look globally.  Shift from one look to the other for the whole as long as you want to. After that you have done this exercise for a while, you can start to look also to other persons as a whole and with a global look. 

This kind of look is very useful in situations in which you feel that you are too much into a situation. You can imagine to be an eagle and fly meters over the situation while it is happening. You can observe it from this perspective, so you can have a look at the past events that brought you to this moment and you can also see the future and the new choices, and the new opportunities that stand before you and that being too close were not visible. 

You can look at the whole Panorama of your life taking in the whole picture. When you’re ready, imagine to come back to earth and transform back into yourself. 

In this post, I explained to you three ways to use your senses with increased awareness than the average. Every one of us has preferences for one sense, most of all if you already know which one is your primary. Maybe you already notice that one of the exercises was easier than the others. If it is like that, you have a precise indication of what is the sense that offers you the easiest way to go in. 

Let me know in the comments which one do you prefer.