Keeping the flow

For many, many years I have struggled with creativity. When I was studying graphics design before, and with my photography business after, I lived afraid that the Muse would not visit me and that I could not meet the deadline to provide the work to my clients.

In Milan Fashion scene, everyone needs to have things done “for yesterday” and more than one time I ended up having panic attacks scared that I could not deliver the assignments. 

After many years working on myself and on my creative process, I found strategies that were valuable to apply not only in the creation of art or design, but also in different aspects of the entrepreneurial business; for example in creating systems or packaging offerings.

Creativity can be expressed in countless areas of our life, let’s find out together how!    


the yin side of creativity

The power of not doing

Often when we feel stuck in the creative process, we continue to run from one idea to the other, spiralising without finding the way out.

Relaxing and letting “the Muse” descend on us can seem an easy process, but when we are too stressed, it can result difficult.

 I can support you, by giving you a detached vision of the situation and the clarity to proceed, plus all my years of experience as a creative.

Being able to allow our relaxation is the best way to speed up the creation and manifestation process.


Creativity starts with balance

A good holistic balance is fundamental for a healthy creative process. The old belief of the struggling artist is an outgone paradigm that is no longer sustainable.

A new paradigm based on a higher vibration that allows to creatives to be thriving, successful, to profit from their art and to share the message of joy and love is here.

To actualise all of that self-care and self-love is a priority.

We can work together, improving your work-life balance and allowing more energy and expansion in it, focusing on self care and on receiving so that the creative flow will be enhanced and will become consistent.

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work with me one on one

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We work together

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