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How working on your spiritual wellness improves your business

In recent years we have seen a constant increase of spiritual practices in business, both entrepreneurial and corporate. Mindfulness and yoga are now a part of the daily routine of many companies, big and small, because it has been noticed how these practices are fundamental to improve productivity and overall results

Having a consistent spiritual practice is fundamental to expand the vision and to approach our business with the necessary detachment.

A consistent spiritual practice increases our awareness and allows us to be at service for our clients with integrity. 

go on the next level

Why Expansion is good for you and your business

Sometimes it can happen that we feel stuck in our life and business, we feel that we are not going further and we don’t understand why. 

Very often, when this happens, is because we have reached a plateau, meaning we need to expand and up level to go further.

Think of it as the final level of a videogame, you finish the level and you go on the next one. 

More expansion means more clients, more revenue and, in general, being able to take more in. 

How spirituality influences your creative process

To keep the creative flow consistent, it is necessary to maintain the right cycle activity/relaxation. 

It is like breathing, we need to alternate active and passive cycles to be productive and spirituality is a wonderful tool to connect with our yin side and go in.

Having these moments of relaxation and expansion going into our inner world, allow us to be more productive in the active yang cycle. 

We can work together on the expansion of your life and business through spiritual practices and techniques that promote expansion. 

One of my favorite tools to do that are the Akashic Records and the Akashic Ascension Codes.

Read more about them here or book a single session to work on a specific topic.

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