overcome the overwhelm

Why your business needs strategy

Strategy is the real secret to go beyond the feast and famine cycle. It allows us to have a consistent flow of clients and helps us to determine which projects require more energy.

Through strategy we can build financial and marketing plans, and can gain more clarity in our offerings, so that we can avoid overwhelm and can free up more time with our clients. 

Strategy gives us clarity and an increased self confidence since we have a better overlook of our business.

what i love in strategy

A creative way to set goals

Strategy doesn’t need to be ONLY excel sheets and CRM software, it actually can be very creative and fun and can become energy work if we consider that strategy is the second step of manifestation (guess which is the first one? INTENTION!)  

Through vision boards (real or digital using Pinterest), scrapbooks works of art you can decide how you can express your project in a way that both of your hemispheres will be full of joy!

In this way you will reach your goals by a snap of the fingers.

If it is so effective why so few people use it?

Most of my clients does not realise how much strategy can positively impact their business. Most of them has heard about goal setting before but has never tried a quarterly strategy. 

Most of them are artists and are afraid that a strategy could hinder their creativity or, if they are therapists, find strategy completely not sexy and prefer to be in the transformational process with their clients. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find new clients if you don’t find time to market your services 

This is the number one reason why you need a business consultant near to you that helps you out and tells you how to optimise your time and on what to focus your energy, so that you will be able to concentrate on what you love to do most: your creative process or the transformation that you bring to your clients.

If you are ready to experiment a new level of clarity and action book a session with me.

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We meet for a call

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We work together

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